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2016-03-18 2016 Company Trip - Taiwan
To help us to maintain high efficiency and accuracy in work. We constantly upgrade our equipments and testing instruments to provide a wider range of service to our customers and keep up with the latest technology. We also keep good maintenance record of our instruments with calibration by laboratories
Digital Multimeter - Fluke 175
Clamp Meter - Fluke 376
Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter - Megger DLRO 10
Insulation & Continuity Tester - Megger MIT410
Earth Tester - Megger DET4TC2
Multi Function Tester - Megger MFT1502/2
Current Injection System - T&R 100ADM MK4
Current Injection System - T&R 100ADM MK2
Thermal Imager - Testo 880-3
Schneider Circuit Breaker Test Kit - 33595
Mobile Power Analyzer - Janitza UMG-511